Themes, Desktop background & Icons Not Working in Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon


Problem: Desktop theme and icons turned to 98ish look? Desktop background isn’t working and turned to black? Switching themes, icons, colors, cursors from Menu>Preference>System Settings isn’t reflecting the changes? Possible Sources of the problem: Using Dual Monitor? Recently updated graphics driver? Hybrid graphics, likely Intel with Nvidia? Recently set Nvidia as default graphics driver using […]

How to Open .URL files in Linux Mint/Ubuntu

how to open .url file in linux

.url files are Internet Explorer shortcut created on Windows desktops. Linux counterparts are .desktop files. No idea about Mac, yet. The solution below is suitable for you if double-clicking the .url opens in Firefox serves your purpose. I’m hardcore fan of Firefox despite its annoying and degrading performance each day. .URL Windows shortcut file looks […]