Happy 4th of July

Hello America! Happy birthday to you. You have many things I may not like, specially the aggression worldwide but I love your spirit of Freedom, Equality, Courage and Faith! I hope your resolution will be non-discriminatory toward universal humanity, not just USA one. You know well, great power comes with great responsibility and you are the one with the unimaginable power!

4th of JulyI thank you for many things, the western civilization, respect to individual privacy, freedom and especially thanks for the Hollywood! Yep, even with many pitfalls, your child Hollywood is the one that let me learn so many things in life and I’m unconditionally thankful for that. And the music comes second. As a country you may never rule my second place, that’s reserved for Canada but you may earn someday the third place somehow, so keep doing the good job :)

Again, let’s Celebrate the power of equality, pride, courage and faith, that we all share. I wish you a Happy 4th of July. Take pride, America!!

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  • http://www.NewHomeInLouisville.com Lynda White

    Saidul, some of us here in America don’t like the worldwide aggression either. :o) I enjoyed reading your viewpoint.

  • http://saidulhassan.com Saidul Hassan

    “and this is exactly why I love the American spirit! There are lots of hearts like you and I admire the spirit and thank America for spreading the spirit worldwide :) Thank you for taking time in reading my tiny little love for your country!”

    – in reply to our FBBC group friend Kristen Wheatley’s similar response on facebook :) I truly admire the trust and spirit of you guys!